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 on: November 20, 2016, 04:40:00 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

Our files indicate, goblin, that today is your birthday. Congratulations in having survived another circling of the sun.

"...well, I'll never admit it to you that it was my birthday but that could well be the nearest to the truth of all the days going..." smiled the goblin who had bought himself a navibot robot hover, where the captain is a purist and feels that the machine is a threat to her line of command now, and where her goblin just steers the robot back and forth with a remote control in some childish glee, explaining "...yes, I think I decided to buy it when I saw the ad that went "eight out of ten captains said that their goblins actually preferred it to hovering properly"..."


 on: November 20, 2016, 04:34:23 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

Anyone else think religious people shouldn't have the right to breed?

"...and who amongst us gets to decide those fit for life or death now, just that there has always been that might is right mindset of each epoch, whether it's an unmaned flying drone, or some ghetto called the gaza strip, or just burned out churches, etc..." mused the goblin, adding "...ah no, actually I'd rather have someone trying to convert me, than having myself fall short of their base benchmark that spells out my death under lebensunwertes leben...", simple there were corrupted minds in all ideologies, something not exclusive to the religions alone, where communism, fascism, atheism, racism, and capitalism too, have all found it expedient to cull their undesirables, whereupon the goblin just reiterated his standpoint, saying "...blind faith is no faith, utter denial is no better, yes there should be a right to death, but it should be coupled with a right to life too..."

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 on: April 04, 2016, 04:53:11 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

the goblin in this predawn time posts to hold back his reality still, that of one more looming workday now, but it, like the all too rub-it-in rain too together with that bus-load of miserable captured commuters, followed by the rest even, is still going to happen anyway, save that they warn the goblin, they warn him of what his life could be reduced to if he ever lived life without due reflection upon it and without that imaginative escape too, "...ah but I am not some materialistic machine who only does dailylife's bidding for the sake of those trappings and trinkets..." the goblin retorted to his reality without restraint, continuing "...so keep your "I think therefore I am" for all those short sighted philosophers there, for with me it's "I dream therefore I'm far more than I am"..." for that was the truth of it he felt

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 on: February 01, 2016, 04:58:30 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, a writer's forum, the "what is the benefit of a writer" thread

"...well, the benefit of a writer has got to be fact that, once placed firmly in front of a computer, there's really very little after care needed, which admittedly can't be said for most other animals from the pet shop these days..." mentioned the goblin showing just how much he cared for the welfare of those around him now, adding "...so then, if you're still thinking of pleasing your spouse with a timely gift, and haven't as yet quite made up your mind as to which one would be most appropriate, then may I just suggest a little something here, something that is more or less house-trained, stays very put indeed, and that writes stoically away for peanuts even, for here would be a great chance to become the proud owner of your very own writertype thus becoming nothing less than the envy of the neighbourhood I imagine..." concluding "...so for all further inquires, please do not hesitate of contact our dear and friendly admin here, who no doubt would be only too happy to unload herself of a few of them at a price now, where I suspect too that a mere twenty dollars would suffice to cover both post and packaging, or would that be asking too much I wonder..."

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 on: December 31, 2015, 09:30:19 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, someone announcing their birthday

the goblin felt somewhat envious at this point because he had mislaid his birthday somewhere some point before, saying "...tell you what though, if you can take a little out time why not make a mental note of those birthdays presents you received to date, just that which you got from whomever whenever, and see if you feel inside if you still want to say thank you to them once more, where you do then say "thank you" under your breath and I promise you they'll hear it, more I cannot offer really for more there is not..."

xxxx 449 231127

 on: December 06, 2015, 05:11:13 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, the "what are the benefits of writing" thread

"...well I suppose it's just passing the essence of one's existence through the focus of one's pen then..." replied the goblin suspecting that sounded slightly better than daydreaming away over a laptop in a bistro to a coffee, and then the music started where that solemn captain kirk unmistakable voice commenced "...imagination, that final frontier, to boldly daydream where no other goblin has ever daydreamed before...", the music together with his coffee propelled his now warped mind at warped speed, just the goblin's imminent escape opened up before him once more where the nigh impossible conquest of forumland was there too, smiling "..ah no, the futility of it is never an issue where one's escape is concerned, for all that ever matters is one's trying to escape still..."

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 on: December 06, 2015, 05:09:13 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

Maybe most writers do this, write in different voices for different purposes I mean. A little while ago I wrote a short story in the first person from the pov of a postman, I once wrote another from the pov of a tree - it wouldn't be very easy to respond on this thread from the pov of a tree. I've long thought that fleamailman's voice is that of a ventriloquist, as if the goblin was a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer. A ventriloquist's dummy can be more provocative, more outspoken, more adversarial perhaps, than the ventriloquist himself could ever be. For some strange reason we do not fully associate the dummy's utterances with the ventriloquist, and so it is with the goblin in some way. I respect fleamailman's choice of this voice and I understand that having chosen it he must then persevere with it or the spell would be broken - much as an actor addressing the audience directly can breach the 'fourth wall'. And so he cannot reveal himself and still maintain the character he has created but he could maintain, and may indeed already maintain, alternate identities on this and other forums. But what seems odd to me is the way that some moronic types expect a writer to somehow emerge from the persona they occupy, as if, underneath, there is some different intelligence lurking. Of course there isn't, you idiots - don't you know that when you address the dummy you are really speaking to the ventriloquist?

musing upon xxxxx's words, suspecting that it was just how xxxxx had related it then, the goblin also understood now that his dailylife self too was a dummy of sorts, sighing "...just I do what is expected of me, either because at my age one can't do otherwise, or just because in my position others are dependent upon my doing as expected, so it's just the role that one acts out in dailylife the for most part, a real compromise if ever there was one...", so it was to this forumland here then that the goblin came for his escape, and yet he knew that if he wanted to write in third person, giving his alter-ego full sway by it, he would have to choose some persona in his stead where this goblin persona originally came from his computer workshop days, even if it had later lent itself adiquately to his temperament while writing here of a creature rebelling against its dailylife self, smiling "...perhaps then, when looking at ventriloquism, one forgets that the ventriloquists too is the second dummy in the act, as in the dailylife self and virtual self, and where perhaps both dummies were ever just representations of some alter-ego who remains elusive behind them of both..."


 on: October 11, 2015, 08:18:58 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

up before the sun, the goblin sits in the cold room as if accompanied by a small insect that beats against the paper lampshade attracted by the light but lost really, and so it is then, that a pair of shoes in the hallway entrance now announces the final end to hope, the goblin's plans dashed, and although such things were not the goblin's choice anyway, he knew that he would miss his son's ex girlfriend now, suspecting too that she had been too good for him anyway, sighing "...the world of adults is one of lies, thus for the sake of appearances I will welcome his new one with open arms not letting out my true feeling of disappointment, and no it's not the new one's fault as he broke up before her and restarted anew, just time to move on, but perhaps just perhaps this will remind me of my place as a parent where my ephemeral hope is now replaced a solid fear that my disappointment might show and my deception not deceive, just "pain to open the eyes" as they say, she's in his past now...", the goblin turns off the light letting the insect find its own way out in due course

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 on: August 30, 2015, 04:43:55 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, the "what are your views on god or not god" thread

"...I know god..." ventured the goblin, adding "...and yet I don't know what it is I know, just that I know it anyway, and besides I suspect that the nazis were antichristian then in their might is right idea, where one only has to look at the creed of the waffen ss to see where extreme paganism goes, for they too thought themselves to be some chosen people of a master race, so the problem is not whether you know god or don't know him but whether you can maintain your humanity and moderation in either accepting him or rejecting him outright, where alas the voice of moderation within one, as in toleration for alternative views is proof of one's humanity, is a voice that increasingly falling upon deaf ears around one now, for an open mind is a receptive one, blind faith is no faith but blind denial no better neither, so a little bit of doubt is a beautiful thing, why, because in truth no one knows what they know, yet see what happens when they claim to know it all for sure


 on: August 30, 2015, 04:33:39 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, the "I have been hitting my ketchup bottle for 1 hour now and cant get any on my ice cream" thread

What am I doing wrong?

"...nothing wrong at all, my dear friend..." went the goblin welcoming him back from the brink of sanity, continuing "...but then again, clearly as of yet, you haven't contacted those homeland security people to report your suspicious activity there, in that although pouring ketchup upon ice cream is not a misdemeanor in itself, it's hardly normal neither, and thus by being abnormal in the absence of normalcy, it becomes highly suspicious of you doesn't it, perhaps containing some hidden subliminal message for some as of yet unknown terrorist activities elsewhere...", just that the goblin was building up the the idea that the poster, in his wish to aid the homeland security people that is, could offer his icecream to judge napolitano at this point thus keeping america safe from the subversion of this apparent type of suspicious activity, whereupon the goblin went "...now hands up all those in agreement with me then..."

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