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 on: July 04, 2015, 07:52:52 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, the "I got a whole buncha fresh brussels sprouts" thread

"...wish I could help you but I don't know how any of you humans can actally eat brussels sprouts then..." went the goblin remembering christmas dinner with dread then, and then rolling them under the table with unprecedented satisfaction till his mum got wise and started looking under the table too, whereupon the goblin just confined something, saying "...no, I think the only thing I ever liked about reagan's term in office was nancy reagan's just say no to brussel sprouts campaign..."


 on: July 04, 2015, 07:30:49 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, from the "suicidal girlfriend took all her stuff, deleted facebook, etc. What should I do" thread

I know you guys told me to not date this girl a few months ago. You were probably right. Let's get that out of the way.

"...where no doubt like you will just ignore these logical responses this time too for their base logic then..." smiled the goblin thinking how much you humans lack flare hiding your hearts too, continuing "...so go to her now, tell her the truth then, that you're willing to die with her if that's what it takes to be with her now, be sincere and mean every word of it, discuss suicide then, talk it over as lovers would, for your rival is death here and her fixation upon it, follow your heart and not your head in this, just offer the ultimate price to her, see if that is what it takes to wake her up from her fixation..."


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 on: June 07, 2015, 11:39:56 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

by the time I got to the second page, I knew I liked what I was reading. you'd have to have the attention span of a grape to hate on those two.

"...thanks xxxxx..." went the goblin, feeling he was addressing someone a cut above the rest, adding "...so I guess it's much as you say then, that there is always going to be those who like reading the posts of livewriters and those who don't even care to look at them, but the problem is never how one is received so much as how one is replied to, where a livewriter seeks engagement first, but instead will put up with confrontation where need be, however I doubt that any livewriter will stay on a forum that is only readership pure and simple, for it's only those writertypes who will settle for a readership alone, livewriters try hard to build up a replyship, oh yes anyone can livewrite just that they don't, whereas any livewriter could stop just they can't..."


 on: June 07, 2015, 11:29:03 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
("...thank you for reading these posts, I come here to feel their courage still..." mentioned the goblin reminiscing) 

repost from elsewhere,

Since her and I are good friends he asked me to talk to her about it and see what her deal is or to at least try to talk some sense into her since she won't speak to him. Do I help? Do I talk to her? I don't know if this is something I should get involved in. I know it pretty much sounds like your typical 'military people got married like idiots' thing, but these 2 were crazy in love and it showed and her husband still feels this way about her. But it's like she hit a light switch and changed overnight.

"...and besides, what can you say to her anyway..." inquired the goblin, adding "...aren't you just another voice in their orbit, for your words change nothing in the long run where the truth will out regardless of whichever way you play it then, so instead you should just be cordial without becoming a doormat, listening but without judging or scheming, and above all don't discuss them here if either of them know who you are on this forum...", at which point the slot just interrupted the goblin, saying "...ok, do watch out goblin, you sound much like polonious advising hamlet, where no doubt hamlet will take all your good advice to heart only to then stab you to death for your pains..."

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 on: May 18, 2015, 11:27:30 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, the problem of trolls

"...generally, a troll wants attention but can't do the posts that merit it, thus they cling to the shirttails of those content providing posters here instead, where it's almost a good sign, in livewriting circles at least, to have one's thread trolled, however, if one starts banning trolls then they only return to the forum under some other unsername by a different email address meaning that one is then dealing with sockspuppets wondering which new member is the sockpuppet of some previously banned troll, so no I simply suggest you give the trolls a playpen, but not to stick all the trolls in it, just the worse offender from time to time, that way nothing gets deleted avoiding that other but my post wasn't trolling ploy, plus the forum looks like it has some light but considerate moderation to it..." suggested the goblin, adding a proviso here, saying "...got to remember that humor is like sunshine, too much flames posters where too little leaves the forum cold in its absence..." continuing "...so trolling isn't a bad thing where its neither excessive or spiteful, and as long as one keeps the temperature firmly in check...", and then the goblin suddenly remembered that normal people never read this far, adding "...no you haven't read this far have you, good, for a moment I was worried that you had..."

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 on: March 18, 2015, 04:51:50 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
("...yay, this thread is still here..." went the goblin who was now back into posting again, adding "...thank for reading this far, and yes I need this place...")

repost from elsewhere, new

at which point the goblin thanked the resident trolls for their amusing hijacks, but then felt it best to return the thread to something more tangible again, saying "...nah, I don't think that anyone who has been following the situation closely actually thinks that the rot will stop at cyprus today, I mean not if that financial system has now observed how utter incompetence earns them more money, I mean what is the point in playing a straight game here where instead one can just depend upon taxpayers repeatedly, and now upon the large depositors too, to bail out a crashed system in a crisis created by those same institutions that lent the money in the first place...", in fact, the goblin now suspected that bank runs would spread across the weaker member states of the EU, that gold prices would soar, and that the recession would then be blamed upon those who lived off meager welfare payments rather than real culprits, those who lived off multi-billion welfare bailouts...", in fact, the goblin suspected war was on the cards, saying "...yes, they would like that, anything to distract someone from actually seeing what one sees here, and what does one see here, one sees how this gluttony is fast killing the financial system whose death is long overdue anyway, where the patient can't stop eating money, and where the doctor keeps prescribing yet more money as the only cure..."

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 on: December 12, 2014, 08:55:26 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, the "What happens in the event of our non-compliance?" thread

"...the end of empire is marked by a disillusionment to the value of money in its debasement downwards by the powers that be..." repeated the goblin, adding "...that currency wars lead to trade wars that in turn take us to real wars is not new as an idea in itself, yet who doesn't see that a currency war is but a distortion of the accepted value of money to the advantage of the distorter here, resulting in the present day unmentioned yet obvious race to the bottom...", in fact it wasn't hard for the goblin to see the pitfall to the current devaluation, in that, if one's savings would devalue then why would anyone save that which depreciates in value over time, moreover, if the assets one held would be confiscated by the powers that be in times of crisis, when and where that crisis was self made by the powers that be, then what asset is worth keeping, especially where the value of that asset is overvalued and taxed to begin with, much like most properties are for example, yes the goblin could see the way the wind was blowing, saying "...yes there is an everyday complacency until there is panic, and complete denial until there is shock, where nothing ever happens overnight until the day one wakes to find that the money has no more value and that one's assets have been either nationalized or repossessed by the banksters, so welcome to another end of empire then, just like each one before isn't it, for printing more money is printing less value, so the disillusionment is simply that then where we look the other way for a long as possible, but..., ..."

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 on: December 12, 2014, 08:54:12 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, the goblin doing a welcome then

In the beginning............

"...ah yes but just perhaps from the beginning you were your alter-ego here, for you yourself aren't here at all, no only these words that represent you are here at this point..." suggested the goblin who too, understood well the workings of this forumland here, asking in return "...I mean, don't you want to know who you are by what you post, so yes, it's a journey to self here if ever there was one, though you won't know who your really are until you reach that journey's end, yet by then what would it have mattered since it all ends at that point, ah but if you know it's pointless, quite useless to know in fact, and still you find yourself wanting to know for no reason at all, then doesn't that just show you your true nature..." suggested the goblin liking the introduction for its originality, adding "...well now, you'll write with us won't you, where yes we're all odd I guess, not least in what we interpret as normal between us, so think of yourself as one of us now, for that my dear poster you already are...", and with that the goblin called for the forum doors to be left open to let one more out into its midst


 on: December 12, 2014, 08:48:29 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, on one's youth

"...yes I guess I was an embarrassment to humanity back then..." mentioned the goblin, adding "...can't say that I want to go back there either now, but I hate the fact that today I've grown old and somewhat cold within, no it can't be helped I suppose, where simply I played with toys when I was a child just like I played with girls when I was a youth, yes but I played for real like they were my whole world and just meant everything too, yet today I find myself saying "nah I'm too old for all that, too much bother now, just give me that simply life instead" and yet, in that utterance I know exactly who I am by what I've uttered, I'm someone old inside, though regardless of my age today and what age I may yet become hope that I never grow too old to post in your company..."


 on: November 16, 2014, 03:31:16 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, and still in a mess too

"...stand and deliver, your money or your life now goblin, yes, those were the days then weren't they, such excitement too, can't see why it had to end like this..." went the highwayman's ghost with a smile chatting to the goblin in the back of his mind, and how indeed those times seem changed today, whereupon the goblin smiled back, admitting "...yes you're right I suppose, but it wasn't very end-user friendly where it's a bit boring now that they decriminalize daylight robbery like this, ah but at least you don't go hung for it anymore either, so there's that then, plus the victim gets to think that they have some choice about it..." replied the goblin continuing "...no today you merely have to politely ask your victims if they would like to hold either treasury bonds at 1.4% returns upon three years maturity, or german euro bonds at 0% return at three years again, or conversely whether they would like to calmly watch the pending bank-runs of their bank deposits instead, I mean it's little wonder then why the bond market is at 300 year high today paying nothing for it, I mean at least one does get the money back minus government decided inflation, so think of it not so much as stand and deliver but as a more wholesome introduction to the present day financial practices I suppose, just legalized crime then where the robber, in collusion with the inflationary practices of the government, simply guards your money for you lending it on the government...", "...nah, still think stand and deliver is more straight forward and honest goblin, even if now that you've put it that way it does seem somewhat crude and profitless by comparison..." voiced the highwayman quickly hanging his pistols for a plump job in the financial sector


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