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 on: September 16, 2014, 08:15:54 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, a music forum

"...nah, it gets worse humans..." started the goblin asking to be excused for the way he wrote, then continuing "...in that, due to obamacare most corporations are reducing their low level staff to a 30hours a week employment status, thus avoiding the insurance bill to cover them, resulting in unemployment figures that might look better with less actual work being divided up between more people, yet for the individual concerned it couldn't be worse because often that person then had to work two jobs where the two separate employers who might not wish to share their employee between them...", yet either way then, everyone knew that the american unemployment figures were a farce, where being dropped off the register after two years regardless of whether one had actually found a job could hardly be reflective of the true unemployment figures, whereupon the goblin just sighed, saying "...the only reason why no one sees this as the greater depression of the 2010s as opposed to the great depression of the 1930s is that the media has been corrupted by its paymasters to turn a blind eye towards it and its moral obligation to speak out, not forgetting the fact that those all too obtrusive soup kitchens of yesteryear are now neatly replaced by the unobtrusive food stamps of today, moreover back then it was 1 in 10 who lived in the cities whereas today it's 1 in 10 who doesn't...", simply, it had come to the stage where ourdearmedia was without conscience here, and that something that had started out as too big to fail had then become too big to prosecute and was now too big to mention even, where the goblin felt that the excuse of war would be their next tool to suppress even more unreported dissent at home, that america would in effect move onto a war footage against an enemy, imagined or otherwise, if only to hide the depth of its own shortfall and corruption, so the media would in effect offer the audience what amounted to that audience itself then, while hiding behind that media would be that which actually was that audience's reality without coverage


 on: September 11, 2014, 12:58:56 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, goblin doing the welcome on a writer's forum

"...so good luck with your book there human..." went the goblin in his welcome, adding "...but while your at it you'll write for us won't you, I mean there are more readers here looking for their next read than most other places online and it would be a pity not to entice them towards you by your posts...", and with that the goblin snapped his fingers together to reveal a red carpet lined with snapping paparazzi leading to a black limousine whose awaiting door was held open by the man of her dreams who had promised no doubt take her shopping for those very shoes that other women would just die for but more likely kill for, "...yes but what if xxxxx turns out to be a man goblin..." intervened the slot upon hearing the goblin's intro here, "...well I don't know slot, how about we just offer him coffee and donuts instead then..." retorted the goblin, adding "...no, let's play safe then, we'll offer the human coffee and donuts together with those shoes now...", "...brilliant, but don't make the post too long goblin, you know how, what with this internet here, their agitated state means none of them can read books like they used to...", whereupon the goblin in compliance to the slot's request here just hit the post button again suspecting that nobody in their right mind ever read this far anyway

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 on: September 11, 2014, 12:50:43 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere

"...me, I just do the rounds across forums each time..." replied the goblin, explaining "...simply the idea is to set myself a sustainable pace and to keep at it, while tending to reply more to those forums that are responsive, yet even if no one were to post back now I'd still post on, why, because I am editing through an enormous stock of raw posts that all need hewing into something that is more me to my pen here, and besides, all this is like painting where I'm still learning how to paint in the time remaining, one never stops learning now...", and no, the goblin knew that he didn't know, certainly not thinking that he already knew how to paint or post, thus he never stopped, concluding "...naah, a livewriter is never what he has written before, any more than a painter is that which he had once painted, no, to be something, anything at all, one must still be doing it, as in still getting there then..."


 on: September 03, 2014, 11:17:09 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, new, the "why do you write" thread

"...me, I'm anonymous, so I can't write for a reward here..." smiled the goblin, liking xxxxx's post upon reading it, adding "...just writing is so conducive to my coffee and a lifestyle that would probably spell wasted life to anyone else, but what of it now where that rat-race is for those rats where I have scurried long enough for the trinkets of the moneygod, so one lives, yes and scurries on as best one can, but my attention is ever elsewhere humans and the more I write the more I am me by my pen by it as opposed to me by my externals, and where too, I am too old to justify myself to others now, simply it's habitual then, where no one needs a reason for habit do they...", the view from the goblin's bistro table this morning showed some old people chatting and still others reading the newspapers, and even one or two slowly drowning in a glass of white wine like some insect, sighing "...and there are still those who would have me be myself amongst all this external now, but I have my pen and my writing habit serves me well for my defiance, yes that's all it can ever be I suppose but it's still something, and as such, something more me than just drowning away in dailylife..."


 on: September 03, 2014, 11:07:20 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere,

...nah, get real goblin, who goes around buying souls these days when one can simply sell those kids student loans instead... laughed the devil in a pinstripe suit, before taking placing his blackberry back into his briefcase full of contracts, continuing ...so you still don't get it do you goblin, a student loan indicates that one hasn't credit-worthiness, where no credit-worthiness means one gets no job even if you become qualified now, but the beauty of this is that the students are too young to understand the ruse, plus their debts are personalized meaning that they can't break out of their bonds to me behind the banks as they can't go bankrupt MYAHAHAHA, simply they're mine forever goblin..., whereupon the goblin broke into sigh of disbelief shaking his head looking back at the devil who just continued bragging ...ah but my story gets better still, in that now that I've got all these loans together, I can wreak havoc furthering my mischief still if I then float them as a bond on the stock market underwritten by AIG again, with AAA arranged status of course much like my sub-prime housing bonds had, and walk away handsomely rewarded for my wickedness knowing that even now 1 in 5 students can't pay back their loans, in a job market that is clearly shrinking, and where the currency too is in freefall, or whatever injecting 40billion new dollars into the economy each month indefinitely amounts to, yes I'm going to collapse their economy goblin, plus I own them all goblin, their banks, their lawyers, their politicians, and your media too, mine all mine now, nah, buying souls is so old hat goblin cause this is just so much more fun and far more effective too..., whereupon the goblin's mind just fell back onto the line voiced often enough in the dire horrors of the middle-ages god sleeps, but no, far from it today, for now it was god's turn to be wondering when the humans would actually notice that the devil wore a business suit amongst them and had swapped his horns and trident for those of gold ring with a big cigar, just creating hell on earth for millions while the humans calmly slept on

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 on: August 18, 2014, 06:32:28 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, writer's forum, the "why do you write" thread

"...well, I imagine that I'm just like most writers I suppose, that is that I probably write because there's something serious wrong with me..." ventured the goblin, adding "...ah, but if it's any consolation to you, I'm not nearly as nuts as those who actually read my posts now, no I mean that they must be very far gone indeed even to have read this far, and then, right to the end of my post too, well who knows then, perhaps they'll never ever be sane again, or maybe they were never sane to begin with..."


 on: August 18, 2014, 06:26:34 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere,

i'm like the opposite of you - i hope none of my posts fossilize

"...personal choice I suppose..." replied the goblin guessing that there were many like xxxxx who didn't wish to write in their posts, simply those who would rather let their time upon forumland pass without anything to show for it, continuing "...nah, you're right then, not me, for I want to know who I am by what I post, for just post and then discard was never my style...", not that the goblin would keep everything that he wrote either, nor would much of it survive anyway, only that, in the time that he was here he would write as if to a benchmark of self as a livewriter must, saying "...where forumland is not a timewaste, any more than one's life is just an amusement, only that one can lose sight of oneself upon this forumland here just as one can too in both reality and virtual reality now, where then it can become as such then, a timewaste whenever one is not carefully remaining focused upon the reason why one writes collecting one's writings together where need be, why then, because time passes in this moment, moments add up, and yes it's all very amusing right until the moment when time finally laughs back at you for your own complacency towards being here..."


 on: August 18, 2014, 06:20:16 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, the "amarica is doomed" thread

"...head or tails goblin..." goes the voice of anton chigurh, yet just like in the film the goblin also knows that the election results and the flipping of the coin have no meaning, simply the crime will be committed either way then, that the 1% had hand picked their man in both political parties, where "pro whatever" was a trick to show some superficial difference between the parties, just icing again, and where the real game or cake was icy-dicey, an acronym for ICDC as in inflationary caused devaluation of currency, and once one understands their game, once one sees that their "pro whatever" politics, like that heads or tails then, is quite secondary to their subtle agenda that is advancing in the background, that their collusion between the fed and the banks at the expense of the economic system everyone and everything else too, just becomes so apparent, no the only question needed to be asked here is why is benake so hell bent on devaluing the currency by injecting 40billion new dollars into the system each month for "as long as it takes" in his words, but takes for what end now, and yes we know that both political parties are pushing for this at the behest of the fed too, so yes they're short selling america as we speak, where probably the 1% is betting against themselves to cash in on the downturn of the economy while voters vote for mere icing in red or blue colours...", "...heads or tails, call it goblin, is it obama or roney then..." went the voice of on ourdearmedia each time, yet the plot had been planned out long before that choice was ever offered

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 on: July 31, 2014, 02:50:13 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from the "what to do" thread here, new

"...doesn't one waste one's time trying to either defend oneself or prove oneself upon forumland now, where all there is of you is a persona created by some words upon your screen..." ventured the goblin suspecting that xxxxx hadn't noticed that no one knew who he was, and that he didn't know who the others here were neither, in short it was merely a case of the person you didn't know getting heated up in conversing with others, whom one didn't know neither, over something quite hypothetical again, at which point the goblin reiterated his point of if you love someone then you don't need to ask others whether you are in love, where likewise if one is a writer then the question of if one should write shouldn't arise, only the question of how should one write arises, saying "...well now, the others here don't exist, no only the fact that you are looking at this screen is actually real to you now, yet within this framework of anonymity is ever a tally known only to yourself of those posts you have done set against the time that you have done them in, where simply if you keep sight of yourself here, this forest of forumland will reward you by showing you clearly who you are by what you post, however, if you lose sight of yourself though, you will simply fall into its sub-plot or sideshows instead, meaning that the forest wins in your place, so whose agenda is it going to be here, yours or forumland's where the forest doesn't care..."


 on: July 31, 2014, 02:31:07 am 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from elsewhere, someone praising facebook

"...lovely post, full of content too and reflection..." mused the goblin upon reading it now, yet the goblin himself was not into facebook preferring instead to remain faceless, saying "...I mean where is the freedom of speech where one is held accountable by what one says then, so no, my anonymity has many guises and is due to various reasons too, where the worse things generally become the more preoccupied the individual will be with his or her own survival, and where it will only be later, when we look back at this age that we will note that the news as portrayed by ourdearmedia was both superficial and misleading, for the viewer isn't asking the right questions, nor able to ask them even, so what are those right questions then, and why should one be asking them too, is the real question posed by this internet here today..."

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