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Author Topic: San Diego,CA~Swim Spa Aquatic Fitness Concepts  (Read 3238 times)
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« on: September 04, 2009, 01:25:18 pm »

Swim Spa Aquatic Fitness Concepts San Diego Helps People with Revolutionary Fibromyalgia Pain Approach

 Sept 3, 2009Before seeking another drug to relieve Fibromyalgia pain check out why Doctors are Prescribing Hydrotherapy for patients pain relief

Whether you are in search of fibromyalgia pain relief or want to help someone who is personally struggling to improve and better their life, discover why doctors are prescribing this new pain relief solution to their patients!

The experts at San Diego based Aquatic Fitness Concepts understand the healing power of aquatic exercise. It’s been a long known fact that swimming is the #1 recommended method for improving cardiovascular health and body toning. Everyone benefits from exercising in water, but those who suffer from debilitating effects of fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS and other diseases that make traditional land based movement difficult benefit the most from aquatic exercise.

Water takes up to 90% of the body’s weight off joints making it easier to exercise. Water also provides exercise in both directions so it is easier to perform fewer repetitions than land based exercise and yields benefits sooner. For those suffering from difficulty moving from fibromyalgia, water can be ideal in helping muscles to relax, stretch, regain mobility and allow for an increase of quality of life.

John Trczinka, founder of Aquatic Fitness Concepts quotes "The question I get most often is, “Can water therapy really help my fibromyalgia pain?” The answer is "yes". Located in San Diego, he is passionate about helping people around the country understand that real pain relief is available. He works with clients around the United States who are suffering from this pain. Trczinka works with fibromyalgia sufferers and their doctors with a proven personal aquatic therapy system. No drugs. No side effects. No painful approach to pain relief. Instead, he has thrilled clients who use his revolutionary swim spas in the privacy of their own home to achieve amazing results in pain relief.

Trczinka shares that hydrotherapy pain relief with his swim spas for fibromyalgia sufferers is even tax deductable. (Talk to your physician and tax preparer for details.) He is so passionate about the results that he has been helping pain sufferers achieve that he has put a complimentary video together to explain how this revolutionary process is helping so many. www.aquaticfitnessconcepts.com/arthritispainreliefvideo/

For more information contact John Trczinka or John McPhee at www.aquaticfitnessconcepts.com
Phone: 760-598-8922

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